Multi Coloured Slate

As the name suggests, the multi coloured slate porcelain tiles contains a myriad of colours ranging from burgundy, ochre, bronze to olive green all on a pale grey green base colour. It comes in a variety of sizes to use inside & can also go outside either in 10mm or 20mm. It’s extremely practical making it ideal for areas where there is a high amount of traffic without having to repeatedly clean away dirt and boot prints.

600 x 600 (R10 & R11 rated), 600 x 1200, 500 x 1000, 400 x 800, 800 x 800, 1000 x 1000 (all by 10mm)

600 x 600 x 19mm &  800 x 800 x 19 MM (R11 rated)

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Ian & Amanda – Blue Beige Antiqued Limestone has transformed our home

We chose the Blue Beige Antiqued Limestone for the downstairs of our renovation. It has transformed our home. Lots of advice from Alexis & Richard along the way. They were always there to answer any questions. Everyone who visits asks where did we get our floor tiles from! Delighted with the result & would recommend […]

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