• Braided

    Available in a multitude of styles, ranges and colours for you to choose and personalise. Our high grade braiding serves
  • Brass & Copper

    Our hand beaten copper baths will undoubtedly bring warmth and joy to any bathroom. Using 16 gauge copper or brass
  • Gilded

    Lovingly hand gilded by our master guilder in our Lincolnshire workshop, Hurlingham Bath Company’s gilded range is sure to add
  • Leather Upholstered

    Not just your average bath, our Cast Iron baths are beautifully upholstered in genuine leather providing a uniquely luxurious and
  • Painted

    Fully customise your bath in a wide variety of designs and styles with the choice of over 4000 colours. Choose
  • Polished

    Every bath we make is attentively hand polished for a period of three days to achieve a bold and unique
  • Textile

    After that truly unique and eye catching piece? Our highly skilled craftsmen can upholster our roll top baths to suit

Hurlingham baths are sourced throughout the world and hand finished in Lincolnshire by trained craftsmen

All Cast Iron Baths are enamelled using the genuine authentic Vitreous Enamelling process. This process, first used in the 1850s, has all the properties associated with glass such as extreme hardness and resistance to scratching. It is always wise to enquire when purchasing any bath as to whether vitreous enamel has been used, since the alternative acrylic coatings do not have the same durability.

All Cast Iron originals are shot blasted to remove the old enamel and re-enamelled using the genuine authentic Vitreous Enamelling process