Rugs & Carpets by Crucial Trading

  • Coir by Crucial Trading

    Do you make it bold and dramatic? Or to subtly blend into your surroundings? Whichever you choose, make your floor
  • Jute by Crucial Trading

    The monsoon season sees an explosion of stately green stems across the Mahanadi Beltin the Orissa region of India.It’s fertile
  • Seagrass by Crucial Trading

    With millions of pattern and colour combinations, our rug builder’s diversity rivals nature herself. Do you make it bold
  • Sisal by Crucial Trading

    Sourced from Brazil, China and Southern Tanzania, these architectural, sword like leaves thrust up to the unrelenting sun in garrison-like
  • Wool from Crucial Trading

    Sourced from New Zealand and the British Isles, this naturally wondrous material is entrusted to the imagination of naturally gifted

We can’t improve on nature’s creations. But we can gather them together from all four corners and give them the respect they deserve by weaving them into something as beautiful and pure as the settings from which they came.

For carpet and rug samples, please contact Pure Stone Ltd 015395 61307