• Limestone


    Limestone was formed millions of years ago. It is a sedimentary rock and is the result of deposits on...
  • Marble


    This metamorphic rock is a type of limestone or dolomite, recrystallised with additional pressure and heat from the earth’s...
  • Slate


    Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash, which is hardened by the heat and pressure...
  • Polished Stone

    Polished Stone

    Polishing adds a different dimension to stones of all types. A polished stone tile has a highly reflective gloss...
  • Flagstones


    Using a mixture of finishing techniques, Pure Stone have developed a range of gorgeous antique stone tiles designed to...
  • Offers


    This month’s special offers and end of line discounts available from stock. Because Pure Stone is involved in supplying many...
  • Commercial


    As well as providing solutions for beautiful walls and floors in private homes, Pure Stone also provides elegant coverings...
  • Bespoke


    As well as a comprehensive range of stone tiles, Pure Stone also has the capacity to produce one off...

Pure Stone sell an extensive range of natural stone tiles for the home and workplace.

We import our stone directly from suppliers all over the world, applying strict quality control to a range of stone tiles specially selected for their broad appeal. All our stone tiles are on display in our showroom based in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District or can be viewed straight from the crate at our warehouse 3 miles away.

Buying in volume ensures our prices are extremely competitive, and with years of experience in this field, we can offer an unrivalled level of help and advice to all our customers.